Law Enforcement and the Media

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Course Description

MPOETC Credits: 13.0

Penn State Justice and Safety Institute (JASI) has been providing a wide range of training programs on a national basis for several years in an effort to maximize law enforcement outreach efforts to the community and other stakeholders. Law Enforcement and the Media is a class that focuses on the media as a positive source for distributing information to the public in a transparent and fair manner. This class will provide participants with a hands-on experience in how to effectively prepare for the release of information for public and private media outlets.

JASI is pleased to partner with our co-sponsor to offer this innovative and informative program to aid in the development of a powerful outreach effort. Participants can learn how to ensure positive levels of risk communication and explore various ways to provide information to the community through the press. The interactive portion of the class will focus on individual and group exercises related to press interviews, press releases, and press conferences. Emphasis will also be placed on developing positive relationships with the media and creating effective internal and external messages. Key concepts and topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Identify media communication venues used by law enforcement organizations
  • Develop and deliver a mock press conference, press release and interview
  • Identify the factors that can negatively impact your information release
  • Develop rumor management strategies
  • Evaluate public perception of risk relative to released information
  • Identify the factors that can negatively impact your press conference or release
  • Establish a positive relationship with the media

Cost: $345/person

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