The Constable Education Training Program is part of the Penn State Justice and Safety Institute (JASI) and is responsible for providing basic and annual training to Pennsylvania State Constables in the western half of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (37 counties) as dictated by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) — Bureau of Training Services.  Our training partner, Temple University, is responsible for the delivery of training to the constables in the eastern half of the Commonwealth.

The position of Pennsylvania State Constable is an elected office held in all Pennsylvania townships, boroughs, and cities with the exception of Philadelphia. Constables can also be appointed by the President Judge of their county or appointed as a deputy under an elected constable.

Pennsylvania has approximately 1,800 constables. The Constable Education Training Program at JASI serves nearly 800 of those individuals in Western PA.

Constables and their appointed deputies are required under Act 49 to maintain a level of training as dictated by the Act and administered through the PCCD.

Constable training includes 80 hours of basic training and 40 hours of firearms training. Additionally, constables are required to attend annual training updates and demonstrate their proficiency with their firearm through an annual qualification. The training is delivered by a cadre of part-time instructors consisting of active-duty constables and active-duty or retired law enforcement professionals.

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