CJPT creates and facilitates management and leadership training focused on local, regional, national, and international enforcement issues and procedures — much of which can be tailored to the specific requirements of your organization. Most JASI training takes place at a location of your choosing, reducing travel and scheduling demands on your team.

When scheduling your program, we can accommodate your budgeting requests as they relate to compensation for our programming. We have experience with memoranda of agreements, fee-based services, and subcontracts within county, state, and federal grants.

JASI instructors are experienced professionals from local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. All of our instructors are leaders in their professional fields, subject matter experts in their specialties, and proven, skilled teachers.

JASI Provides Three Types of Programming

Co-sponsored programs feature open enrollment, with a partner organization serving as co-host. This format is ideal for organizations that do not have enough personnel to fill a course — an individual tuition rate is set, and the partner can earn complimentary seats if program enrollment exceeds a specified level.

Contracted programs are restricted to members of the partner organization. The cost of the program is directly related to the needs of the partner.

Public programs are open enrollment training opportunities that are offered primarily at the Penn State University Park campus in State College, Pennsylvania. These programs may also be offered periodically at additional sites throughout the United States.

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We’re Here to Help

If you have questions about any of our CJPT programs or would like to inquire about scheduling, please email us.

Paula Parker
Program Coordinator