Acting in Rank

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Course Description

One of the key issues affecting success when assuming an acting role in a supervisory position is your ability to make the transition from “one of the group” to supervisor. There is a likelihood that you have been working with members of your squad or unit for a considerable amount of time as one of their peers.

This program addresses this shift in roles and the ability to supervise people, manage people, and lead people. Understanding similarities and differences between these areas provides you with a greater understanding of how you will perform in each role.

Key concepts and topics:

  • Possess a working knowledge of supervisory roles
  • Explore the differences between leadership, supervision, and management
  • Identify stakeholders and relate their importance to your agency
  • Identify various theoretical concepts of supervision styles and develop ideas on the types of situations in which they may be applicable
  • Working in collaborative groups, develop strategies for making decisions for both day-to-day operations and critical incidents
  • Explain the correlation between resources, policy, and effective supervision
  • Working in collaborative groups, identify and analyze liability issues related to supervisory positions
  • Working in collaborative groups, create ideas and strategies to effectively lead a squad
  • Analyze hypothetical situations and determine the validity of constitutional policing
  • Describe common constitutional challenge areas that give rise to failed and successful investigations
  • Given hypothetical situations, formulate responses to determine to the best course of action in relation to Constitutional standards
  • Given hypothetical situations, evaluate the impact of a supervisor’s decisions for each of the situations

Upcoming Courses

Co-sponsor: Passaic County Sheriff's Department
When: May 18, 2020 – May 20, 2020
Where: 300 Oldham Road, Wayne, NJ