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Effective Report Writing

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Course Description

MPOETC Credits: 12.0

Criminal and civil cases can be lost based on what is written in reports. Proper documentation of reasonable suspicion and probable cause are the foundations of report writing. An officer’s ability to write with clarity as they articulate details and timelines is critical. This not only applies to criminal investigations but internal reporting as well.

This course provides detailed information on grammar, punctuation, and writing in detail. During the course, officers will practice writing reports, demonstrating their competency in report writing.

Key Concepts for Effective Report Writing
Key Concepts Topics
Strategies to make written reports simple
  • Easy to read
  • Understandable
Making reports fact-laden  
Develop professional standards
  • Create consistent review standards
Using standards and writing styles to increase consistency
  • Document and report
Report writing training tactics and strategies  
Address and review grammar basics
  • Essential grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Chronological, past-tense, and first-person emphasis

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