Managing Police Conduct

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Course Description

Over the past several years, law enforcement has been plagued by the issue of misconduct, both real and perceived, and this has directly impacted the ability of police officers to perform their duties of providing effective and efficient police service to their communities. This is not a new phenomenon, but one that has haunted police departments for decades. Every level of law enforcement involves decisions and behaviors that could hold a department liable and, ultimately, damage their reputation.

This three-day course takes a new and different approach to the discussion of conduct. It is designed to review issues related to risk management in law enforcement, from the perspective of both the street officer and the manager, and to facilitate an open discussion regarding how each level in a law enforcement agency views its role in managing risk. This course will also focus on ways police departments can more effectively use accountability tools such as performance management systems, early intervention, and progressive discipline to reduce the incidence of police misconduct. The impact of labor unions on administrative investigations will also be discussed, with an emphasis on ways that both management and unions can work together for the best possible outcome in related matters.

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