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Managing Police Conduct

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Course Description

This 3-day course will focus on staff conduct while on and off duty and the importance of understanding the conduct risks associated with police work. The course will cover the role of police in modern society and why it is so important to public order. We will show you examples of how effecting changes in conduct can improve staff performance and how management and unions can work together in administrative investigations.

This class will provide you with examples of what positive outcomes look like and how an emphasis on positive behavior can change the culture of a police organization. It speaks to the positive and negative impact police conduct has on the community.

  • Risk — it’s not just deadly force and discipline
  • Policing in the modern society — the “why” of the profession
  • Effecting conduct change to improve staff performance
  • Management and unions working together in administrative investigations
  • Positive outcomes and what they look like
  • Meeting the need for clear, concise, and current policies for police conduct
  • Summary exercises to pull together the concepts and practices offered during the class

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